Import an invoicing file

Prepare Your File

Google Sheet modele

We have created a template on Google Sheets to facilitate the validation of your file and better understand the expected format. You can find it here:

Once you've selected the template, you can start filling in the file with your billing data. The "Check File" button will validate the integrity of your file.

Upon the first launch, an authorization will be requested:

Once the file is completed, you can download it in xlsx format and import it into your Fincome dashboard!

Connect your google sheet directly to your Fincome account

Common errors

  • Customer not consistent / Invoice not consistent: The same customer/invoice is present twice with different properties (e.g., an invoice "in_1" marked as "paid" on one line, "unpaid" on another).

  • Missing mandatory value: Values are missing in mandatory columns (columns with blue headers).

  • Invalid periods: Incorrect values for period_start and period_end. Check the format (DD/MM/YYYY) and ensure period_start is before period_end.

  • Invalid type: Accepted values are "subscription" for invoice lines to include in MRR, "one-off" for one-time revenue.

  • Invalid invoice status: Accepted values are "open" (invoice issued and not paid), "pending" (payment processing), "paid" (invoice issued and paid), and "unpaid" (defaulted payment).

Excel template

You can also download the example and template file to understand the expected format from the Fincome dashboard import screen. You can use the "template" file as a base to integrate your data.

Constraints list

  • File format: .xlsx

  • All blue columns must be filled for each line; gray columns are optional.

  • For subscription lines, period_start and period_end cannot have the same date, and period_start must be before period_end.

  • Possible values for the "type" column are "subscription" for lines to include in MRR, "one_off" for one-time revenues.

  • The end date of a subscription period must match the start date of the following subscription period.

  • Dates must be formatted in Excel format DD/MM/YYYY.

  • Options for invoice status are "open" (issued and unpaid), "pending" (payment processing), "paid" (issued and paid), and "unpaid" (defaulted payment).

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