Fincome vs. Cash Management Tools like Agicap

Why our clients choose Fincome over cash management tools like Agicap?

Fincome is a performance tracking solution dedicated to SaaS, enabling the centralization of all your SaaS KPIs on a real-time dashboard. In this article, we delve into the details of the reasons behind this choice.

1. Key Features of Fincome

We built Fincome with the aim of making a comprehensive and real-time 360° performance tracking possible. Our platform allows you to:

  • Centralize performance indicators by connecting your data sources within minutes.

  • Ensure their reliability by auditing and adjusting them to handle specific cases.

  • Segment them for in-depth analysis, facilitating decision-making.

  • Compare them at a glance with the performance of comparable SaaS.

  • Easily share them internally or with third parties (accountants, investors, etc.).

2. Differences Compared to Cash Management Tools

Through over 450 interviews with SaaS founders and CFOs, including many users of cash management solutions like Agicap, we identified key frustrations to offer a better experience and more features.

Here are the main differences between Fincome and existing cash management tools like Agicap:

Automatic Reconstruction of MRR/ARR and Key Variations

Fincome relies on billing data, not bank inflows, allowing tracking of ARR/MRR and key variations such as new customer revenues, expansion, churn, contraction, or reactivation.

Analytical Segmentation

Fincome enables the breakdown of revenues (ARR and MRR) and KPIs based on any relevant analytical axis (geography, plan, product, activity, price, etc.).

SaaS-Dedicated KPIs

Unlike generic cash tracking tools, Fincome is dedicated to SaaS, providing a comprehensive view of key indicators for business management and reporting: ARPA, NRR, churn, CAC, LTV, LTV/CAC, etc.

SaaS Benchmarks

Fincome offers benchmarks from external studies, allowing performance comparison with similar-sized SaaS providers.

Integration with SaaS Billing Tools (Chargebee, Stripe Billing, Pennylane, Pro Abono, etc.)

Fincome is the only tool interfacing with major SaaS billing tools and over 200 banks in Europe, offering real-time access to SaaS KPIs.

Automated Reporting Generation

Fincome sends a monthly report to your email with all indicators and revenues compared to your goals.

Team Member Access Rights Management

Fincome allows graph-by-graph access rights administration for team members, ensuring data access control.

In summary, Fincome provides SaaS leaders with a 360° real-time view of their performance, from revenues to cash flow, cost structure, and all SaaS KPIs, facilitating business management and investor reporting.

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