Fincome vs. Billing System Dashboards

What Value Does Fincome Add Compared to Market Billing System Dashboards?

Fincome is a performance tracking solution dedicated to SaaS, centralizing all your SaaS KPIs on a real-time dashboard. In this article, we detail Fincome's added value compared to billing systems.

Key Features of Fincome

We built Fincome with the aim of making a comprehensive and real-time 360° performance tracking possible.

Our platform allows you to:

  • Centralize performance indicators by connecting your data sources within minutes.

  • Ensure their reliability by auditing and adjusting them to handle specific cases.

  • Segment them for in-depth analysis, facilitating decision-making.

  • Compare them at a glance with the performance of comparable SaaS.

  • Easily share them internally or with third parties (accountants, investors, etc.).

Differences Compared to Billing System Dashboards Through over 500 interviews with SaaS founders and CFOs, including many users of billing systems like Chargebee, Zoho, Pennylane, or Stripe, we identified key frustrations to offer a better experience and more features.

Here are the main differences between Fincome and existing billing system dashboards:

Auditability and Adjustability in Fincome

Figures in Fincome are auditable, adjustable, and all objects (clients, subscriptions, plans, products, invoices, invoice lines, and credits) can be enriched.

Advanced Analytical Segmentation in Fincome

Fincome allows creating any analytical axis (price, product, geography, business type, etc.) and decomposing or crossing axes for actionable insights.

Simplified Forecasting in Fincome

Fincome enables scenario building based on templates and growth assumptions (e.g., subscribers, churn rate, average basket, etc.), allowing comparison and performance gap understanding.

Comprehensive SaaS KPIs in Fincome

Fincome offers access to the majority of SaaS KPIs (monthly, quarterly, and annual) and detailed cohort analyses for precise retention measurement.

Benchmarks in Fincome

Ability to compare performance with similar-sized SaaS providers based on European and US studies.

Cash Flow Monitoring in Fincome

Fincome provides a complete cash report, including cash burn/generation, cash flow decomposition, treasury positions by bank account, and consolidated cash runway.

Multiple Analytical Data Sources in Fincome

Fincome integrates with Chargebee, Stripe, Pennylane, Pro Abono, Google Sheet, Excel, 200 European banks, Hubspot, and upcoming integrations with Spendesk, Hyperline, Salesforce, Pipedrive.

In summary, Fincome addresses SaaS leaders, providing a 360° real-time view of their performance from revenues to cash flow, cost structure, and all SaaS KPIs, facilitating business management and investor reporting

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