Fincome, French Alternative to Profitwell

Why Our Clients Choose Fincome vs. Profitwell?

Fincome is a French solution for tracking SaaS performance, centralizing all KPIs on a real-time dashboard. In this article, we detail the reasons for choosing Fincome over Profitwell.

The primary challenges in SaaS performance tracking lie in:

  • The reliability of data used to build performance indicators.

  • The ability to finely segment these indicators based on various analytical axes (geography, plans, products, client size, price, etc.).

  • The real-time centralization of management data for quick decision-making (MRR and variations, KPIs, and treasury).

To have an exploitable MRR, it must be reliable. Therefore, auditing and adjusting it when necessary are crucial for steering your business and making operational decisions.

Fincome platform allows you yo:

  • Centralize performance indicators.

  • Ensure their reliability by auditing and adjusting them to handle specific cases.

  • Segment them for in-depth analysis, facilitating decision-making.

  • Easily share them internally or with third parties (accountants, investors, etc.).

The precise determination of your MRR and derived performance indicators is at the heart of the Fincome solution. We are convinced that without this condition, even the most insightful analyses have no value and remain unusable.

This is the main reason we developed Fincome and what sets us apart from other players like Profitwell: our mission is to provide you with the level of analysis you need based on reliable data specific to your business and adaptable to the specific cases of your organization.

In a continuous improvement and co-construction logic, we pay close attention to the suggestions and needs of our clients to better meet their daily expectations.

In summary, here are the parameters that concretely distinguish Fincome from Profitwell:

If you want to learn more about Fincome or get a demo of the solution, don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with a member of our team here.

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