Fincome, French Alternative to Chartmogul

Why Our Clients Choose Fincome vs. Chartmogul?

1. Key Features of Fincome

We built Fincome with the aim of making a comprehensive and real-time 360° performance tracking possible. Our platform allows you to:

  • Centralize performance indicators by connecting your data sources within minutes.

  • Ensure their reliability by auditing and adjusting them to handle specific cases.

  • Segment them for in-depth analysis, facilitating decision-making.

  • Compare them at a glance with the performance of comparable SaaS.

  • Easily share them internally or with third parties (accountants, investors, etc.).

2. Differences Compared to Chartmogul

Through over 450 interviews with SaaS founders and CFOs, including many users of existing analytics solutions like Chartmogul, we identified key frustrations to offer a better experience and more features.

Here are the main differences between Fincome and Chartmogul:

Integration with Pennylane

Fincome interfaces with Pennylane billing data, offering immediate and real-time access to SaaS KPIs compared to Chartmogul, which requires manual imports.

Mass Data Editing in Fincome

Fincome allows batch data selection and modification, essential for quickly reclassifying invoice lines into subscriptions, a time-consuming process in Chartmogul.

Connection with Banks in Fincome

Fincome centralizes SaaS KPIs and treasury data by connecting to over 200 banks in Europe, automatically calculating cash inflows, outflows, balances, and treasury runways. Chartmogul focuses on analyzing billing data.

Additional KPI Calculations in Fincome

Fincome goes beyond Chartmogul by cross-referencing billing and bank transaction data to calculate essential financial KPIs: customer acquisition cost (CAC), LTV/CAC ratio, and cash runway in months.

One-Click Data Export in Fincome

Fincome allows one-click export of underlying data for each graph and raw data tables, while Chartmogul requires specific report creation with a limited number of templates.

Team Member Access Rights Management in Fincome

Fincome enables graph-by-graph access rights administration, ensuring data access control. Chartmogul lacks granular access right configuration.

Intuitive Interface in Fincome

Fincome offers a more straightforward and intuitive interface for key features, such as data enrichment, KPI breakdown/filtration, goal setting, and direct benchmark access on graphs.

Fixed Pricing in Fincome

Chartmogul charges users based on MRR growth, potentially penalizing growing SaaS with a fixed price in Fincome that remains constant regardless of growth.

In summary, Fincome distinguishes itself by providing SaaS leaders with a 360° real-time view of their performance, offering superior functionality, and a fixed, transparent pricing model.

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